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Our Core Values

  1. We Are Respectful
  2. Respect starts with showing up on time, everyday, to do what we sign up for.


  3. We Work Hard
  4. We commit to hard work in order to realize our personal and collective goals.


  5. We Are Real
  6. We do what we say, we say what we do. Being honest and truthful are important.


  7. We Help Each Other Out
  8. We work together by helping each other to support our customers in excellence.


  9. We Celebrate Every Moment
  10. Every small steps in the right direction deserves to be celebrated.


About Us

Why Bel Cleaning?

We just spent thousands of dollars on business coaching so we can serve our people and customers better.

Here is a podcast where Mike Campion and I discussed what we are doing to provide consistent and reliable commercial cleaning services.

Partnering. Serving. Inspiring.

We seek to serve the many with integrity and character. We promote a culture of employee empowerment. We thrive on good values, relationship, and commitment to excellence.
Bel Cleaning offers full commercial cleaning solution to corporate professionals, managers, and business owners with office space of at least 10,000 square feet.
We take pride in maintaining a sanitary environment for you, your family, employees and customers, alike. Our service management approach makes us very different. Give us a shot, we love the job you hate!

Our Philosophy


Partnering is working together through quality communication. Our service gets better through a feedback loop from our customers.


A fulfilled life is a life of service. So, we serve! We serve our community by creating unique opportunities for all people to optimize their life.


We strive to evolve and grow to become better than we are today. Hopefully, our commitment to excellence inspires the people in our community.

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Your comfort starts with reliable and consistent cleaning services.

Our clients stay with us because we do quality work.
Relax, you are covered when you do business with us.
Quality services delivery
Meticulous cleaning is the pillar of our service culture. We raise the bar.

We beat the competition in every facets, guaranteed!
Advanced cleaning equipment and industry protocols. Hospital-grade disinfectants that eradicate germs.
We pride ourselves on our consistency, dependability, and building great relationship with our clients.

Our service areas include: chesterfield | Ladue | Saint Charles county | Saint Louis county | Downtown saint louis Ballwin MO