Power Wash Your Home – FALL SPECIAL

When Was The Last Time Your Bathe Your Lovely Home?

Power washing can be done on almost any surface and is a great way to keep things like your driveway, siding, decks and patios looking almost brand new on a yearly basis. However, it’s a common misconception that power washing yields the same result as pressure washing or vice versa. Before you consider spending between $184 and $380 on either, be sure you know the difference between the two and how they apply to common areas of the home.

Pressure Washing versus Power Washing

When determining whether to do power or pressure washing, understand they are two very different practices. If you do the wrong one, you could end up damaging your siding, deck, patio or driveway.

Here are a couple differences:

  • Temperature: Power washing is hot water, which allows it to get rid of stains and particularly difficult items like dirt, grime, mold, fungus and so on.
  • Force of the water: Pressure washing uses the high velocity to get off dirt, dust and other items from houses, siding, decks, patio and driveways. It is especially common for masonry, because concrete, cinder block and brick tends to build up dust, dirt and grime and will need regular cleaning every year.


pressure washing service

pressure washing service

Pressure Washing Costs & Considerations

Pressure washers can be bought or rented and used to clean just about anything outside. They work by pressurizing water from a garden hose to 1,000 lbs. and forcing it out a spray wand. Homeowners can get an electric or gas pressure washer for occasional use and set it at 1,300 to 2,400 psi for best results.


Tips for Hiring Power or Pressure Washing Services

While you can buy high-powered power and pressure washers at local home improvement stores, companies have the knowledge and experience of working safely with these products. They know how to target a home exterior, decks, patios and driveways without hurting doors, windows or individuals. If you consider hiring a service, this is what their business should have:


  • Advanced Equipment: They should have state-of-the-art equipment, not the kind you can buy at your local home improvement store.
  • Sustainable Practices: A business must follow strict EPA regulations regarding runoff water and environmentally-safe chemicals, if needed.
  • Insurance: The business must carry their own insurance to pay for any damages to a home should it occur during the service.
  • Efficiency: They should have the experience to do the practice quickly and efficiently so that your siding, deck or driveway needs to be washed only once a year.


When getting a quote on these services, make sure they include the price of the materials like soap and general equipment used. The price should also include labor, time and size of the area they?re going to clean. Sometimes the company will bring water and pumps instead of using your water. If they do use your water, check to make sure you won?t be charged for it.

To be sure you hire the best service for your job, you should speak with at least 3 to 4 professionals in your area. In addition to having the list above, these are some of the questions to ask each of them to gauge their business: